Poultry POS System

Our poultry management software is designed to meet the needs of a poultry enterprise of any size. Be one step ahead with the ability to track feed production, consumption and sales with a real time dashboard accessible anytime, anywhere. Intelligent reporting and historic comparison on the feedmill management software, allows for informed decision making.


Poultry POS System

Our Poultry POS System has all the tools needed to financially manage a feed mill. Our software has the ability to send orders to the mill control software and then import the load out information to automate feed billing. This system cuts down on the amount of time needed to bill customers and track and collect payments from customers.

Built intelligently for Vegetable Stores, Grocery Store, Fish / Poultry, jewelry, readymade garments, footwear, boutiques, lingerie, textile & fabrics, dress material stores

Poultry Point of Sale

Our solution will help streamline your feed mill operation. This software package also tracks item and recipe inventory along with lot traceability and tagging. Here are some of the key features built into our feed mill software package.

Poultry point of sale systems

Full point of sales interface
Best poultry point of sale software
Complete accounts receivable features
Web based feed ordering with data linking to your mill control software
Automated feed invoicing and statement generation
Track inventory levels and item lot information
A large number of customizable reports and the ability to schedule and email

Improved Flock Management

Receive DOC (Day old chicks) and create flocks, plan housing easily. KeyStone’s broiler farm management software provides you a house readiness checklist to ensure the chicks are housed in hygienic facilities to ensure a healthy and happy flock.


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